Garage Door Repair

Wessex Garage Door Repair

Wessex Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Garage door repairs form a major part of our business. We feel that all too often a garage door is replaced, when it could be saved with a simple repair. The benefits of repairing a garage door, as oppossed to fitting a new garage door, are not just financial. Very often your garage door matches the style of your property and you do not want to change it. Alternatively you may have a simple garage door that is purely functional and see no reason to replace it. The most common of garage door repairs is the replacement of broken lifting cables on canopy garage doors.

New garage door cables are available for the majority of garage doors up to thirty years old. It is also possible to replace the garage door springs on most garage doors. Garage door springs are available for even some of the oldest garage doors. These springs are available directly from the manufacturer, if they are still in business or from national companies that make replica spares for garage door. Garage door locks can also be replaced or upgraded and we are also able to carry out repairs to electric garage door openers and automatic roller shutter garage doors. The installation of automated garage doors is also a large part of our business.  To book a garage door repair please contact us on 01892 511161, 01959 540130 or 01689 853248.

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