Cardale Garage Doors Repair Medway Kent

The garage door cable on a Cardale garage door in Medway Kent had broken and we had arranged to call to site to repair the cable. This was a Cardale compact garage door. It was a version of a canopy garage door that was fitted before Cardale introduced their version of the overhead torsion spring. This garage door was peculiar in the fact that the torsion spring run across the back of the garage door approximately 4′ below the top of the garage door. The cones and cables are at either end of the torsion spring and the cones actually replace the standard roller spindles and run up and down in the side tracks. The garage door cones and cables for this model are still available. As with the majority of garage door repairs, the cables on both sides were replaced, the garage door torsion spring was re-tensioned and all moving parts were lubricated.

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