Automating Canopy Garage Doors

These type of doors can not be automated without some modification. A canopy door can usually be identified by the tracks running up the side of the timber posts and by the spring(s) being above the garage door. Because an electric garage door opener pulls the door the from the front of the garage in a straight line towards the back of the garage and a canopy garage door runs along vertical tracks at the side of the timber posts, there reaches a point where the motor wants to pull one way and the door wants to go another way. Over the years there have been several inventions to overcome this conflict with varying amounts of success. As a company we prefer to take down the existing garage door and remove the canopy lifting gear. The existing garage door is then re-fitted with fully tracked mechanism (retractable ) as above. This ensures that there is no conflict between the door and the motor and that both move in the same direction. This puts less stress on the door and electric garage door opener and prolongs the life of both.