Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repairs are what we do.

We are a family-run business that has specialised in repairing garage doors (in Kent, Sussex and Surrey) for over 25 years. We have also carried out regular garage door repair and maintenance contract work, in South and South West London, over the same period. Our policy has always been to repair all garage doors where possible. We prefer this to insisting that they should be replaced for a new garage door. In a lot of cases, a cost effective repair will extend the life of a garage door for many years to come. We guarantee all our work. We are happy to provide you with a free quotation before we start any work.

garage door repairsAlthough we can not guarantee a same day service, we do give a high priority to garage door repairs and would aim to attend site within 24 hours or less. We appreciate that a broken garage door can be a huge inconvenience and can sometimes compromise your security, so we will try our best to get to you as soon as possible.

Garage Door Cable Repairs

This is usually the problem

The most common repair to a garage door is the replacement of broken cables.

What the cables do

On a majority of canopy garage doors the cables are the connection between a tensioned overhead spring and the body of the garage door.

What goes wrong

broken garage door cable repairsThese cables are responsible for lifting the garage door and are therefore subject to a lot of wear and tear.
Cables can also rust or corrode due to weather conditions and that means their life can be drastically reduced, in coastal areas in particular. Under these conditions, we are able to fit stainless steel cables to several types of garage doors. These last longer than normal cables. When changing garage door cables it is often best to change them as a pair. That’s what we usually do.

In truth, the garage doors that most often suffer from broken cables are Garador Westland MK3c, Henderson Merlin and Cardale garage doors. Poor maintenance of your garage door (or no maintenance of a garage door) can often lead to tangled cables which will often require replacement.

Garage Door Spring Repairs

There are two common types of garage door spring: 

1 – the extension spring that stretches and contracts 

2 – the torsion spring that is wound up, and operates by winding and unwinding cables that lift the garage door

Both these types of garage door springs can eventually develop problems after long periods of continued use. 

broken garage door spring repairsBasically, these springs are under extreme tension for much of the time as they are normally fully extended or stretched when the door is closed. Problems can include the springs breaking due to metal fatigue or in the case of the torsion spring they can lose tension by unwinding. When a spring breaks or is damaged, the garage door becomes very awkward and heavy to lift. If we are aware of the garage door manufacturer we can normally attend site and replace the spring. In the case of the torsion spring, it is often a case of winding them up again to restore the full tension and lifting capacity.

Other Garage Door Repairs

Undeniably, the replacement of broken garage door cables and springs accounts for a largest percentage of our business. We repair numerous other parts of a garage doors too though, of course.

Garage Door Lock Repair

We can repair or replace garage door locks and handles for all the major manufacturers. We can probably repair your garage door lock.

Garage Door Opener Repair

other garage electric opener repairsWe carry out a wide variety of repairs to electric garage door openers. 

For example, we replace broken drive belts on Wessex Liftboy GB1 automatic openers, and we replace worn drive cogs on Autodor or Liftmaster electric garage doors.

Garage Door Radio Control Repair

We fit new radio controls to most electric openers. We also provide replacement hand transmitters where available. 

Garage Door Frame Replacement/Repair

We frequently replace decayed garage door frames.

Garage Door Repairs for doors from all the leading manufacturers