Sectional Garage Doors

The sectional garage door was always the most popular garage door in America but over the last twenty years its popularity in this country has rocketed. It  is a cross between a roller shutter and a retractable up and over. Often described as having the action similar to a “bread bin”,it opens vertically and goes back into the garage on tracks , unlike the roller shutter that rolls up above the garage door opening. It has a number of advantages over other types of doors. It is vertically opening which means a car can be parked up against it and the door can still be opened which is very useful for short drives. It is also often fitted to the rear of the brickwork which maximises the drive-in width. As the door is normally made up of four panels with each panel having a roller in a track on each corner it makes for a very stable and secure door. The action is very smooth and the sectional garage door can be automated without adaptation. The panels can also be insulated which makes a very strong door and along with the rubber buffer on the bottom and the rubber sealing strips on the sides and top increases the thermal properties of the door. The sectional garage door is available in Georgian panelled designs or horizontal ribbed designs. It is also available in white, woodgrain colours or a number of RAL colours.