Side Hung Garage Doors

The traditional side hung garage door was probably the first type of garage door used in this country. They were originally made from vertical tongue and groove timber boards layed in a ledged and braced timber frame. This original design and construction is still available today. They are often used to replace similar doors that have become damaged or decayed after many years of use. They are also used to complement period properties where a more modern door would look out of place. This type of door is also popular with families who do not use their garage for cars but more for storage and bicycles. This type of door means that just one leaf need be opened for pedestrian access. These doors are also available with glass panels in the top to allow natural light into the garage which is especially useful if it is used as a workshop. Although the traditional timber side hinged garage door does require staining or painting there is now a range of steel and GRP side hinged doors that are available in a maintenance free finish and a wide range of styles.