Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors are are the most popular garage doors in Britain. They are made in a wide variety of styles and materials and are available in a large number of standard and made to measure sizes. They can be constructed from steel, fibreglass (GRP) and timber. Each material has its own benefits. Fibreglass and timber doors offer a luxury finish in a wide variety of styles where as the steel doors can range from a simple design to the impressive range of Georgian panelled designs. Most up and over doors are pre-finished so there is often no painting required by the end user. Up and over garage doors are available with two types of lifting gear. The CANOPY GARAGE DOOR as the name suggests, forms a canopy when the door is in the up position, with approximately one third of the door projecting out of the garage. This is normally the simplest and cheapest type of mechanism but it is not suitable for automation without adaptation. The second type of mechanism for up and over garage doors is the FULLY RETRACTABLE orĀ  TRACKED mechanism. This mechanism allows the door to slide almost completely into the garage with very little projection. It is a very smooth and stable operation and is suitable for automation either at the time of installation or at a later date.